Penguin Personalization Giveaway Winner

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday night. It's been a busy week.

Michael and I are drooling over the backsplash tile we're 99% sure we're going with for our kitchen.

There's a fire in the fireplace. And there's wine.

And TurboTax. That's right, we're starting our taxes. What can I say? We like to party.

But I wanted to drop in quickly to announce the Penguin Personalization giveaway winner. Thanks to all of you who entered--I'm sorry everyone can't win! But it sounded like all of you really liked all of Megan's work (see it again at, so I hope you will consider ordering from her in the future for all of your embroidered items. Personalized gifts, FTW!

We used to pick a number. Without further ado, the winner is...

(In case you're wondering, we did 1-51 instead of 52 because there was a duplicate comment, so I counted that as only one comment.)

And to save you all from counting, #14 is... (drumroll, please)

Jessica, I will e-mail you. I need you to respond within 72 hours to be eligible to receive the prize, mmkay? :) Congratulations!

Giveaways are fun! I'm not going to go all giveaway crazy on you guys or anything (that would just be annoying), but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do another one relatively soon.

Have great weekends, everyone!


Jessica January 27, 2012 at 10:59 PM  

Ahhh!!!! Okay so I have to admit I let out a little scream when I saw this blog post :)!! I haven't ever won a giveaway and this mixed with a bad week combined for my extreme excitement!!! I can't wait for your email!!! Thank you so much!!!!

PS Matt and I are party animals to. We had just closed down turbo tax for the night when I checked in here :).

Betty January 28, 2012 at 5:36 PM  

nice! congrats jessica!

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