Kitchen Reno: The Beginning

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is here, folks: It's KITCHEN DEMO WEEK.

To see what the kitchen looked like when we moved in, see this post. And this is what it looked like earlier this week, when we started (sorta) tearing things up:

So, in other words--not that different. But like I mentioned in my original kitchen post, we did remove the wallpaper. And tore out the z-brick around the dishwasher (as you see, we haven't really gotten around to rebuilding the surround, but now that we're moving forward with everything else, that's actually a good thing). This is how we've lived with the kitchen for the past six months. Blah.

But no more. The road to removing the brick is now short. We're just days away from ridding ourselves of it, once and for all.
(Oh, we took down a fugly flourescent light fixture above the sink, too. We had big plans to replace it right away, but, um... well. You'll see.) As a reminder, we plan to rip out all of the brick, paint the cabinets white, and install a tile backsplash.

We also have plans to replace the floor. Timing on that will depend on some other things we have going on, and will be one of the last steps in the process. But it will be coming. We're also going to paint the wood trim/sliding glass door, and replace those cheap, busted-looking bifold pantry/laundry closet doors with six panel bifolds. Wheeeee!
Oh, there's something else we did. We replaced that door--it was an old, cheap, wood-colored door that was totally '70s. We did the replacement six-panel door ourselves (it still needs to be painted). And we've done 8 others in the house, too. We only have two more to do and we'll have replaced every single interior door. Woot woot!

Get ready for progress!


Vanessa February 11, 2012 at 10:29 AM  

SO exciting! New doors instantly transform a house - I remember when we replaced the ones in my childhood home. I'm excited to see the transformation that will take place!

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