Daddy's Day

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I can't start this post without calling out the fact that this is my 1,000th post on Heather Drive. Whoa! Sorry I didn't plan a celebration. At the very least, I could've brought cupcakes. Forgive me.

We had a busy--but really great--day today. I love weekends like the one we just had. Perfect weather, plans with family, fun activities and play time for just the three of us.

We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to get Nora her birthday present a bit early--almost two months early, in fact. It's tough because she doesn't really ever have the opportunity to be given "outdoor" stuff. Her birthday is in September, so it's late to be gifting bikes and sprinklers and pools and stuff. And at Christmas, we're all freezing our butts off and summer--although longed for--is not top of mind. We knew that Nora would L-O-V-E a playhouse of some sort, so we figured we'd get her one for her birthday. But why wait until September, when she'd only have a handful of weeks left to play in it? She's young enough right now that she won't know the difference when we don't get her anything "big" for the actual day.

Anyway, we settled on a Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage, and when we saw that it went on sale at Toys 'R' Us last week, we planned to buy it. But then by Thursday night, they sold out. And we were bummed because we had really wanted to get it at the discount, and also have it for the weekend. I did some quick Googling and found that Kmart actually had it on sale on their website for just $10 more than the TRU price. Not ideal, but they had it available for pickup at our local store, so we figured $10 was worth not having to monkey with it anymore. But then I Googled last minute for a coupon code, and what do you know? There was one, for 10% off. And it worked. So we ended up getting it for a few dollars CHEAPER than Toys 'R' Us. Thank you, shopping gods.

We got around to putting it together on Saturday night, after Nora went to bed. We cracked open a couple of beers and set out to work in the soft evening sunlight. A perfect evening to be outside enjoying it a little. As we built it, we kept talking about how much our girl would love it.

And then Michael and Tessa tested it out a little. And then we waited anxiously until morning.

We started our Father's Day with some strawberry pancakes--just like for Mother's Day--and then it was time for the big reveal (for Nora, but don't worry--there were gifts for Michael, too). Nora spotted it back there under the trees before we even opened the back door. So when we finally walked her down the deck stairs and let her loose... she made a bee-line right to the little house. (She's still in her pajamas, in case you were wondering.)
To say she was thrilled would be an understatement.
Once she was in, she wouldn't get out.
Michael had to pick her up and carry her inside, which resulted in a massive tantrum. Unlike some of her other tantrums, I actually felt badly about this one since she was just having fun and wanted it to continue. BUT... I'm also wondering how long it'll be until some of the novelty wears off and we'll be able to get her back inside without issue. This week should be fun! ;)

Once we got ready, we were off to the strawberry patch. I've actually never been strawberry picking before--funny, since I love apple picking so much. You'd think I would've broadened my horizons before now! So, it was Nora's first time, too.

Nora was a natural. At picking berries off of the ground, and popping them directly into her mouth (stems and all!), that is. God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. And green stems are extra fiber. You know.
It's a good thing that this patch was OK with "taste testing," because Nora was covered in the evidence.
Michael's sister met us there for a little while, too.

It was hot out there, so we filled our quart container and headed back home. Nora went down for a nap, and when she was up again, we went to my mom's for a very early dinner, then to Michael's parents' house to spend some time with them, too. A good day.

Once we pulled in back at home, we stopped to take an official Father's Day pic before getting Nora to the bath immediately. :)
Happy Father's Day to Michael. Nora couldn't ask for a better daddy!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my "Day in the Life" via Instagram recap post. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out here. And, if you didn't participate yet but want to, feel free! It's not time sensitive. And I gotta say, it's been fun! :)


Melissa June 18, 2012 at 8:57 AM  

Aw! So cute! Rowan would have been all over those strawberries, too. Rowan and Nora have the same playhouse ;).

Erin June 19, 2012 at 1:24 PM  

I was just at a birthday party where that little house was the big present - and then all the toddlers there made a beeline for it and shoved themselves in and would not get out :) It was hilarious! I think at one point there were 5 or 6 tots squished in there :)

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