Logan's Sesame Street Party

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today, we drove down to my sister-in-law's for our nephew's first birthday party. We got to spend a few hours with them before the rest of the guests arrived, which was nice since we haven't seen them in almost two months!

From the moment we walked in, Brendan was all over the cupcakes. He wanted a cupcake sooooo badly. Every single time he was in the dining room, he was asking about a cupcake. By some miracle, he managed to wait until the party was in full force, everyone had eaten, and the gifts had been opened. But then, as soon as someone mentioned it was time for cupcakes? The kid bee-lined into the dining room.

The birthday boy, Logan!

When presented with the smash cake, like a lot of kids, Logan didn't really "get" it. He did experiment by putting his fingers in it a bit, but then he actually got a little bit fussy because I don't think he liked the feeling of the frosting caked on his fingers. Silly boy; it's CAKE!

He did eventually take a pretty decent chunk off the side of the cake and Melissa cut it up for him to eat. He did seem to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Brendan was FINALLY getting his hands onto the cupcake that he had been wanting all afternoon. He was damn sure he wanted Elmo, too. There wasn't any hesitation in his choice.


As soon as he was done devouring Elmo, he said, "I want Oscar!" He didn't get another one right away, but later on, before we left, Melissa let him have an Oscar. After he had a few bites of Oscar, he said, "Now Big Bird!" Hilarious. The line was drawn there, though. But we let him keep a Big Bird AND a Cookie Monster to save for tomorrow. :)

Overall, a successful first birthday for Logan. And the cupcakes were a huge hit with big brother Brendan!


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