Baby's First Trip = Success

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We had to get up around 6:00 this morning to get ourselves ready and to the airport for our flight, which was around 10:00. We actually made really good time, and we were off to the airport earlier than we originally expected. We snapped one last photo of Nora in South Carolina (in the parking garage, how exciting!) and hit the road.

I am happy to say that once again, Nora.was.PERFECT. She slept for the majority of the first flight (Charleston to D.C.), then literally slept from take-off to touch-down on the second flight (from D.C. to Buffalo). SUCH A GOOD GIRL!!

Michael snapped this cute pic of Nora and me on the plane:

It's in pics like these that I realize how small she still is. Gah, I love her.

On three of our four flights on this trip, no one had any problems with me flying with Nora in the Ergo carrier. It was only on one flight (where the flight attendant was seriously "by the book") when I was told that I had to be holding her. It wasn't a problem, really, but having my hands free (especially since she was sleeping) was certainly nice. As you can see above, I was actually able to READ! Amazing.

Things we learned about traveling with a baby:
  • Having both a stroller AND a carrier was really convenient, both at the airport and while out and about in Charleston. We just made sure to stash the carrier in the basket under the stroller so we had it at all times.
  • No need for a diaper bag. For the air travel, we just stuffed diapers, extra outfits, and other things of Nora's in our carry-ons or my pump bag. When we were out during the days during our trip, we simply put a few diapers and our travel wipes case in the basket under the stroller.
  • It's worth bringing your own car seat. We bought this car seat bag by J.L. Childress, and brought Nora's car seat with us (sans base). All of the airlines let you check a car seat for free. And guess what? The bag is so big, we were able to fit a ton of other stuff in there, too. We packed most of Nora's stuff--sleep stuff, clothing, diapers, wipes--plus a few things of ours (extra clothing, toiletries, etc.) in there as well, and it was all FREE to check because it was in the car seat bag. SWEET.
  • A pacifier clippy thing is a necessity. This is a must-have for us in all public places, but when traveling, it was especially helpful. We didn't have to worry about Nora spitting out or dropping her pacifier on dirty, nasty floors or airplane seats.
  • This probably goes without saying, but make sure you have extra clothing for the baby in your carry-on. Nora had a blow-out diaper (thank you, disposables!) just as we were supposed to be boarding our connecting flight in D.C. If I hadn't had an extra outfit in our bag, we would've been screwed.
  • Speaking of disposables... if you're cloth diapering, consider using disposables for travel. We couldn't imagine trying to deal with our cloth dipes on a trip like this (maybe if we were staying in a house or condo with access to a washer, but in a hotel? No.), so we made it easy on ourselves and picked up a pack of disposables instead. Aside from the blow-out in the airport, they worked out just fine.
Those are the tips that immediately come to mind!

All in all, an amazingly successful first trip with Nora. Now, we have our sights set on our trip out west this spring. It will involve longer flights AND a longer period away from home, so we're still a little nervous. But at the very least, this trip gave us a little bit of experience to have under our belts!


Erin February 18, 2011 at 8:46 PM  

Just one warning, a lot of airline employees will look in the carseat bag to make sure that it is just the carseat in there. It has happened to me and to friends several times. Glad you got lucky this time though!

Heather February 18, 2011 at 8:55 PM  

Erin--We were a little worried about that, but what is the worst that would happen? They probably would just charge us to check a piece of luggage, right? I highly doubt they would tell us it all needed to be removed. We packed everything into extra large (2.5 gallon size, I believe?) zip-locs so it was all easy to see and inspect if need be.

LisaJ February 18, 2011 at 9:38 PM  

Which J.L. childress bag did you get?

Beach Bum & Baby February 18, 2011 at 11:58 PM  

Great tips!! And it sounds like such a great trip!!

I'm really nervous to travel with our little one - hoping to plan some Spring trips and get over my fears! :)

p.s. LOVE your blog!! :)

Eric's Mommy February 19, 2011 at 9:36 AM  

That is awesome that your trip went so well. We were afraid to travel like that when our Son was little. He didn't fly until he was 4 and he did great.

Crystal February 19, 2011 at 2:10 PM  

Love her hat & flower in the picture!!

Wishing on stars February 19, 2011 at 10:11 PM  

I love her flower hat! So cute. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

I must tell you that you were actually lucky that only one flight attendant told you to hold her. (I guess lucky isn't the right word since it's actually for her safety) I was a Flight attendant for two years and it's actually an FAA requirement that you hold your lap child. It has to do with crash landings and the research and testing they have done show that is the safest place for children under 2. Now, they shouldn't make you hold her the entire flight. FAA requirement is for taxi, take-off and landing. Either way, just FYI.


Vanessa February 20, 2011 at 4:46 AM  

Thank you SO much for your lovely comment on my blog! You made my day! :)

I'm totally annoyed with myself for having stopped blogging - I must start again.

I still love reading your blog (and love seeing pics of beautiful Nora!) - sadly I can't look at blogs at work except using cache, which doesn't let you leave comments, but I will make myself heard more!

And you have given me just the nudge I need to blog again! We are moving house soon, so that will be something to talk about!

Take care - so glad the trip with Nora was as great as it was - I loved hearing about it!


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