A Taste of Fall

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This weekend, we simply enjoyed fall.

On Saturday, we started off with the gym and a few errands. Then we went apple picking (again). Michael's sister, Cristina, joined us for this trip.

This was the first time we had been out to the orchard in actual fall weather. The two previous times this season, it was pretty hot!

The orchard was picking four different types of apples this weekend: Ida Red, Crispin, Golden Delicious, and Fuji. The Fujis were pretty picked over, and the Golden Delicious apples were really small. So we decided to stick to Ida Red and Crispin.

Sunny and beautiful, but cold! I actually probably should have been wearing my winter coat.

30 lbs. of apples later, we were back on the wagon and then heading home. Michael and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed for dinner, and we stopped to browse the beer section.

We ultimately decided to go with a pumpkin ale, which neither of us had ever tried before. I got a tremendous kick out of the package design:

I mean, come on... doesn't that just put you right into a "fall" mood? We enjoyed a beer or two while we were cooking dinner. Afterward, I made apple heaven on a plate for dessert, then had a few glasses of wine and watched the Sex and the City movie while Michael watched the hockey game.

This morning, we got up and took Tessa out for a walk in the glorious fall sunshine. I grabbed the camera to take with us. Look at all the pretty colors!

We did our "long walk" route, which is probably around two miles. Once we got back, we loaded into the car (Tess, too!) and took a ride to a neighborhood farm market to buy pumpkins.

Tessa fit right in. (And yes, that is a Gap hoodie. I found it a couple of years ago, and it is too damn cute.)

With three pumpkins in tow, we went back home to set them out on our porch. While I got to work arranging pumpkins, Tessa got to work on her relaxing in the sun (her favorite thing).

And more relaxing...

And just a little more relaxing...

Until we finally had to put an end to it and pick her up to go inside. Because c'mon... we weren't going to miss the Bills game.

Due to power outages at the stadium, we were unable to watch a lot of the game, but they finally got it all figured out for the second half. And... let's go, Buffalo! They are now officially 5-1.

And I am officially in love with Trent Edwards (plus, he's easy on the eyes).

And Kawika Mitchell (um, well, at least he's good at football--I can't get past the hair).


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