Me llamo Jessie.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OK, so I am a little late posting this. Sorry about that.

As it turns out, someone did get the correct answer. I laughed out loud when it came through on my BlackBerry. Why? Well, because it was the very first guess. Way to go, Music! :)

Looking back, it was probably way too easy, since the Jessie-gets-addicted-to-caffeine-pills-and-has-nervous-breakdown episode is probably the most famous Saved by the Bell episode EVER. But, whatever... it was fun to make you guess anyway! Thanks to all those who participated.

So yes, we condensed the script (and cut scenes) and translated it into Spanish. One of the highlights was the exercise video that the girls did--"Go For It!" (or whatever it was actually called). Because OF COURSE we recreated it. It's funny, because I still know the chorus in Spanish. I was walking around last night singing it to myself. Amazing what the mind remembers, huh?

Here's a crappy-quality YouTube video of the original SBTB video:

And yes, most of you guessed correctly that I played Jessie Spano. My other two group members had to play both a guy AND a girl role. Kristen played Slater and Kelly, Krista played Zack and Lisa. Screech wasn't in our version of this episode. Since Jessie had such a central role, I couldn't play any more than the one role since Jessie was in practically every scene! Hilarious memories. I so wish I had photos and/or video to show you guys. Or, actually, I guess I'm grateful I don't, because I'm sure it's pretty damn embarrassing.

Here is the famous "I'm so excited!! I'm so excited!!" scene, aka the "THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME!!" scene:

Also done in Spanish, of course. I think my "pills" were tic tacs or something. :)

When we presented our video in class, everyone loved it. After the projects had been presented, we had a ballot we all filled out to pick our favorites in a number of categories--sort of like a classroom version of the Oscars or something. We won in several categories, including "Best Picture." :)

And to think, Spielberg never called. Huh. Imagine that.


Music June 11, 2009 at 2:09 AM  

I love your blog (though I don't comment much), so it's an honor to now be enshrined-- well, mentioned-- on it! Hooray, and bien hecho!

Vanessa June 11, 2009 at 6:16 AM  

Too funny, Heather! Love it!

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