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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today, we hit up a local festival. I went in the morning with my brother, Kara, and baby Hunter (and a couple of their friends). It was Hunter's first outing in the stroller.

The weather was so beautiful, so we all enjoyed walking around and getting some sun. We stopped for lunch at a local place that has great outdoor seating, and Michael met us there. We all indulged in a couple pitchers of a local brew, and just relaxed. Hunter slept pretty much the entire time we were out--like 5 hours! His mommy wishes he would do that at night. ;)

Can't post about the baby without posting a new picture. Loved his little outfit. His shirt had a picture of a lion on it and it said, "I rule the kingdom." No kidding, kid! He had on matching little brown shorts. I know everyone always says that girl stuff is cuter, but they have some damn cute things for boys these days, too.

I definitely got some sun today. I worsened my farmer's tan (except my sleeves were a little shorter this time, so I guess it actually helped a little), and I even have flip flop tan lines now. Niiiice.

When we got home, we spent THREE HOURS cleaning our house from top to bottom. We're having Michael's family over tomorrow to celebrate his mom's birthday. Quite the busy weekend so far, and tomorrow will be busy, too!

My friend, Lynsay, texted me earlier to say she is in the hospital, ready to give birth to her baby! They live in North Carolina, so unfortunately, I don't get to snuggle another baby anytime soon. But it looks like their little guy (the name is a surprise) will be born tomorrow morning sometime. It's so funny because her epidural is working so well that she spent an hour or two just texting back and forth with me. Not a bad labor, huh? Can't wait to hear the news...


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