Ride the Ducks

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today, it was back down to the Space Needle. This time, for a Ride the Ducks tour. :)

Sure, it was cheesy. And totally, completely touristy. But you know what? It was also a lot of fun. We probably should have started our trip to Seattle this way, instead of ending it, but I digress.

Here are some of the things we saw along the way...

Pier 70. This is where "The Real World: Seattle" was filmed. The "seven strangers" lived here. This was back in the day when I still watched The Real World, so that was sorta cool.

This is Edgewater Hotel. The Beatles stayed here back in their heyday, and apparently caused a huge ruckus. The hotel had to build a tall fence around the whole property, just to try to keep out the crazy fans. Also, there is a famous photo of them fishing through a hotel window (I can't seem to find the photo, what the hell? Damn you, Google Images!), and that was taken here. Kind of interesting.

We went past Safeco Field (Mariners) and Quest Field (Seahawks). And you just know we loved the football part.

Looks like a silly car wash, right? WRONG. When Elvis was filming "It Happened at the World's Fair" in Seattle in the 1960s, he had his pink cadillac washed here EVERY DAY. Also? This is the only car wash in Seattle that is certified to wash presidential (yes, that's President of the United States!) vehicles. Too funny.

A nice view of Lake Union.

Of course, we had an even better view of Lake Union once the Duck actually took us out ONTO Lake Union. Here is Gasworks Park, viewed from the water.

One (or both?) of these ships is apparently featured on "Deadliest Catch."

Here was the highlight of my Duck Tour! The floating house featured in Sleepless in Seattle! Oh, how I love that movie. Sam and Jonah Baldwin lived here. ;)

A sea plane took off right over us.

Back near the Duck base, this is the building that is apparently used for many of the exterior shots on Grey's Anatomy. I'll have to pay more attention next time I watch.

After it was over, we snapped a few more photos of our truck. Boat. Duck. Whatever.

We then headed back to Christy and Mike's to relax a little bit before dinner. Christy, Mike, and Cameron took us out to a place called Arnie's on the Puget Sound. It was really good, and it was a nice way to spend our last night in Seattle.

A ferry leaving from essentially right next door to the restaurant.

Back at Christy and Mike's, we had to snap a few pictures of Bear, their monster German Shephard. During our time here, he liked to bark at us, which was admittedly a little intimidating at first (he's HUGE!), but he is really a sweet dog. We're sad to leave him, because I think he is just now getting used to us! :)

Our flight to San Francisco is at noon tomorrow, which is nice since we don't have to get up too early. Seattle has been good to us, but we're off on our next adventure!


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