Saturday, August 14, 2010

My cousin, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Murray, are world travelers. They've lived in Asia (mostly South Korea) for a handful of years now. Most recently, they lived for a year in Taiwan. We're lucky that each summer, Kelly usually makes it home to the States to visit everyone. And although her "home" is really California, we get a week or so when she comes out to New York to see us.

Last year, my mom hosted a BBQ for my family so all of the cousins could get together to see each other. This year, she did the same.

Unfortunately, we were missing Trevor, Kara, and Hunter this year, but this is everyone else! (Minus a few stray significant others.)

It's always so nice to see everyone. I can't wait until we have a new little one to add into the photo for next year! :)


Wishing on stars August 16, 2010 at 10:53 PM  

I like the little girl on the ladies lap who is looking up at the other little girl.

Were they working in Taiwan? I was supposed to go this last week but we fly standby and the loads home were not good. We have a friend who lives there to teach English. She is due September 20th with her first!!

We saw her last year out there and it was so much fun. We hope to get back out there after she has her baby.

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