Kissin' Cousins

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last night, my mom had a big family get-together at her house to celebrate the homecoming (however brief it may be!) of my cousin, Kelly. All our lives, we've only been able to see her every once in a while, because she grew up living with her mom in California. We'd only see her whenever she flew east to visit her dad.

Anyway, these days, Kelly lives in South Korea, teaching English as a Second Language. As you can imagine, now that she lives on the other side of the world, her visits are even less frequent. We haven't seen her in two years, so we were all excited for her to come to town for a visit. She's also dating someone she met in Korea--he's American--so we were excited to meet him, too.

When all of us cousins were growing up, there were several of us that were really close in age. Most of the time, this resulted in great times together, since we were automatic playmates. Sometimes, however, it meant a little bit of drama, as we did fight like brothers and sisters every once in a while. My grandma used to say, "Stop fighting and hug each other! You're supposed to be kissin' cousins!" :)

We had a great time together last night, enjoying food, drinks, and each other's company. Unfortunately, we were missing two cousins, but that didn't stop us from getting our photo (it's tradition):

IMG_0667rs by you.

Now that we all have significant others, we decided to take a big group photo, too:
IMG_0674rs by you.
It was so great to see everyone. We rarely have the opportunity to get everyone together, so it's always special when we do!

A handful of other photos from the evening (of the kids!):
IMG_0629rs by you.
Look at how beautiful Hunter is! I am taking his official 3-month photos next weekend and I can't wait.

IMG_0621rs by you.
My cousin Carly's daughter, Mia. She turned two last month. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her blonde curls, and she has absolutely amazing blue eyes. She kept us entertained in my mom's room for a while...

IMG_0635rs by you.
She tucked herself into my mom's bed.

IMG_0638rs by you.
And pretended to go to sleep like a little angel.

IMG_0656rs by you.
She also took some time to "talk" on the phone next to my mom's bed. :)


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