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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, the New Year has started off with a bang--at work, that is.

We are off and running at my company. EVERYONE is swamped. I've been running around with my head cut off all week, and my to-do list is overwhelming (and growing). Endless meetings, tons of deadlines, lots of 2011 planning--it's just crazy. I cross one task off my list only to have three more added.

It's lovely.

Still, we're all in good spirits, and we try to keep the humor in our situations. We walk around exclaiming, "OH, January. I love January." and "January is awesome." In other words, the level of sarcasm is at an all-time high.

Anyway, that explains my lack of blogging this week. I can't believe it's January 5th and I'm just now writing my first post of 2011!

We had a quiet, uneventful New Year's Eve at home, and it was just what we wanted after years and years of attending the same ol' parties. On New Year's Day, we did "Christmas" with Michael's older sister and our nephews, and some other members of his extended family.

In other news, we have officially started our house hunt. We started perusing listings online on New Year's Eve actually, and did a few "drive-bys" of places on New Year's Day. On Sunday, we went back to our favorites and took closer looks, and we already have two that we're interested in scheduling appointments to see. We are working with our realtor to see when we can get in for showings.

We're also starting to pull things together to put our place on the market. All of this is terribly exciting and scary at the same time. What if we find a house we love, but can't sell our current place? What if we put our place on the market and it sells quickly, and we have nowhere to live? The worst case scenario is definitely the former--we really don't want to end up having to pay two mortgages for any amount of time! But we will keep the faith that everything will work out as it should, like it so often does in life.

Also, we are itching to travel. We haven't been anywhere since we went to Montreal in June, and we haven't flown anywhere since we went to Florida in April. Little Miss Nora has put a serious cramp in our traveling style! ;) But now that she's past the newborn stage, we're ready to start planning family trips now, so we're exploring a few options for a week-long trip in the spring.

And we did book airfare for a trip--but this one won't be taking us anywhere until summertime. My cousin is getting married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on July 2, and... we're going! All three of us. The airfare was reasonable and with good flight times, so we jumped on it. It's going to be hot as hell down there at that time of year, but we plan to spend a lot of time in the shade, in the pool, and um, at the swim-up bar. :)

I really hate this time of year. January, February, and March are the worst. But at least work is busy, and our time at home is happily busy, too, thanks to a certain little girl we know and love!

All in all, there is already much to look forward to in 2011!

EDIT: I just realized that it's actually January 6th. Just goes to show how out of sorts I really am! HA!


Janelle January 6, 2011 at 9:14 PM  

A new house - how exciting! Will keep an eye out for your pics, i love the look of American houses with the weatherboard on the outside. (We don't build wooden houses in Australia very often because of termites).

From what i've seen of your apartment, it looks gorgeous, i doubt you'll have much trouble selling it. Good luck!

Maggie January 7, 2011 at 5:56 PM  

good lord a swim up bar sounds AMAZING. i'm officially jealous!

ps: i have a blog award for you, if you'd like it, on my page at

Mrs.Po January 10, 2011 at 8:08 AM  

We were at a wedding in that same area of Mexico last summer; the first week of August. We were bracing for the worst - terrible heat and humidity. It was beautiful down there - high 80's, low 90's all day every day. Meanwhile, back in the Philly area where we live, heat wave and temps in the high 90's. So ... you may end up being pleasantly surprised with your trip :)

Good luck house hunting!!

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