Baking GALS Update for Trevor

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I just wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are joining in on the "Operation Baking GALS" project for my brother, Trevor, who is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. (If you missed the first post explaining everything last week, check it out here.) 

The "Team Heather Drive" Baking GALS team is now full, but if you'd still like to participate, you have two choices: 1) You could still bake (and/or buy!) for Trevor, but you have to e-mail me directly for information instead of signing up through the official Baking GALS site, or 2) You can pick another team to bake for, as I'm sure you know that ALL of the deployed men and women are worth baking for.

Shipping started on Monday and goes through May 13. This is not a hard stop, of course, but if you can do what you can to get your packages in the mail by May 13, it would be much appreciated.
I got a message from Trevor yesterday that was really timely. I had e-mailed him asking if he had thought of/discovered anything else (besides M&Ms!) from home that he was missing because he couldn't get it over there. He said that he couldn't think of anything in particular, but suggested that I send cookies, because some of the other soldiers had received them and everyone shares them because eating the homemade goodies reminds them all of home. How cute is THAT? And, as I mentioned before, Trevor has no idea that I'm spearheading this Baking GALS thing for him, so all of your packages will be a total surprise to him. After his note, I cannot wait until he starts receiving stuff! 
Trev did mention that they don't have any chips over there--just crackers and Pringles. So if you need any "packing peanuts" to fill in gaps in your box, consider sticking a few of those $0.25 small chip bags in there instead!

Please remember to put a note in the box for Trevor, giving a brief explanation of who you are and tell him that I "sent" you to him! :) And, if you can, send me a quick e-mail after you mail your package so that I can keep loose tabs on what he's going to be receiving.

Again, please let me know if there are any questions. Start here, but if there is anything you can't find an answer to, I'd be happy to help. THANK YOU!


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