Always a Bride

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know what they say: Always a bride, never a bridesmaid.

Oh, wait.

OK, well, that's definitely not what they usually say, but it's what is true for me. I was a bride, but have never been a bridesmaid.

Until now.

On Friday night, my brother's fiancee had a few girls over for a nice dinner as her way of asking everyone to be in the wedding. We enjoyed good food and wine, and Marie gave all of us cards, and a book.

They are not getting married until October 2010, so I guess I get to enjoy my bridesmaid status for quite some time, eh? It'll be interesting to experience a wedding from the "other side" of the bridal party.

Other than that news, not too much else going on lately. Just keeping busy and enjoying ourselves. We have a couple of little weekend and day trips planned over these next few weeks, so that'll add a little excitement to our lives. Looking forward to getting away a little bit. We haven't been anywhere since the honeymoon (haven't taken any days off of work, either!). So stay tuned for all of that...


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