Wet. Wetter. Wettest.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This was us this morning as we prepared to leave the Poconos. You can't tell in the photo, but it was raining buckets. Not exactly the ideal weather for packing up the cars. To make matters worse, my brothers had to load up their 4-wheelers. Luckily, my husband was generous enough to do most of our packing (for my mom and me), so I only got wet during the approximately 20-yard dash to the car.

Nobody wanted to take this photo, but my mom and Susan insisted since it is tradition. We normally take a photo in front of the sign that's at their farm (like last year). We have all these pictures of Nina, Doug, my brothers and me in front of the sign, starting out as really small children.

But this time, given that there is no cover by the sign and we were fresh out of umbrellas, we all agreed that there was no way that was happening.

Thanks to the G family for another fantastic weekend, despite the craptastic weather.


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