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Monday, September 1, 2008

*sigh* Another reason I love fall... good TV comes back.

Oh, Grey's Anatomy, how I love thee. I was disappointed and kinda "over" the show all last season, but with the finale, Shonda Rhimes redeemed herself and I am now back to being a fan.

So, with that said... have we all seen this new promo?

I should have seen the Rose pregnancy thing coming. I'm pissed at myself for that one. There was no way he was going to be able to get rid of her that easily. Meh, I hate her.

The person that put this up on YouTube was kind enough to slow-mo (at the end of the clip) some of the more important snippets that we were shown. That guy on the gurney, bleeding? That is most definitely DEREK.

More evidence? My interpretation:

The chief yelling at Meredith, "You're here because I ALLOW you to be here!!" is not about her working there, no, no. It's because Derek is the patient and he's not shuffling her off to the waiting room. He's allowing her to stay outside his room.

And depressed-looking Mark? He's worried for his dear friend.

Meredith screaming? I think we get the picture.

I'm not dumb enough to believe that Patrick Dempsey could be leaving and that they'll actually kill off Derek. Especially not in the first episode of a season. And I'm mildly annoyed that they already did this "near death" thing with Meredith and Derek in season 3, only it was Meredith who nearly kicked the bucket.

But you know, it makes for some good drama, and it should ultimately give me some nice lovey-dovey moments between the couple I have so wanted to be together for so long. And from what I read at the end of last season, Shonda Rhimes plans to let Meredith and Derek be happy this time around.

So what do you think?

As a side note... Tonight, I realized I won't be able to watch the premiere when it airs. At that time, Michael and I will be heading down to the Poconos for a long weekend with my family and some family friends. Since I'll be in the mountains and out of touch with reality anyway, this is totally fine with me. I'll just be setting my DVR and watching on Sunday night when we return.


Anonymous,  September 3, 2008 at 2:32 PM  

It was just confirmed that this promo is a goof up on ABC's end.

Now, the whole thing with the person on the could be Derek.

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