A dream come true

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tom Brady, out for the season with a knee injury.

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off. I'm sorry, but this is as good as Christmas morning.

I know, I know. I'm an evil bitch. But you have to understand; I am a Bills fan, and I hate Tom Brady with the fire of a thousand suns. And I don't think Bills fans are alone in this. I think there is much Brady hate to be found all around the country.

I first learned of Brady's injury while at my friend's baby shower yesterday. I looked at my friend, Megan (also a maniacal Bills fan), and we both said, "Oh my god!! I HOPE IT'S SEASON ENDING!!" But you see, at the time, we were kind of kidding. News like that would be too good to be true.

But alas, as of this morning... it is true.

Come on, it couldn't have happened to a better guy. You know, since he's so modest. A gracious loser. (How wonderful was the SuperBowl? Best day EVER.) And a fabulous family man.

And Bill Belichick. Aww, how my heart aches for him. Seeing as how he's such a ray of sunshine. Doesn't tell his players to play dirty. No, no. And not a cheater. No way.

So, here we have it. The opportunity. One season where someone else is given the chance to dominate. Am I saying I think it's going to be the Bills?

Don't be ridiculous. I'm not delusional.

I'm just happy to have a one-season break from hearing about Tom Brady and his awesomeness. This injury? It changes everything in the AFC. We can actually have an exciting season this year because now the playing field is wide open. Who's going to the playoffs... this year, we can honestly say, WHO KNOWS?!

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