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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's plans consisted of a whole lotta nothing until the evening. This vacation has been much more relaxing than some of the other ones we've taken in the past. We typically like to go-go-go and get out and see everything, but with our "babymoon," we decided to approach things at a much easier pace.

We woke up and got ourselves out by the pool fairly early, securing prime lounge chairs. We spent the whole morning reading our books in the sunshine, and taking dips in the pool to cool off. It was lovely!

Around lunchtime, we decided to take a break and grab ourselves some food. We didn't have to go far--we decided to eat at the Southernmost Beach Cafe again (where we had breakfast on Monday). After all of the not-so-great eating we've been doing, we were both in the mood for some serious vegetables, so we both ordered some awesome salads, and enjoyed them with a great view of the beach.

There is just something about eating your meals while being able to see palm trees and ocean waters... I love it so much.

After we were done eating, we went on a little walk down the pier right outside of the restaurant.

A quick stop back at the room, and we were back out at the pool again for another hour or two.

Eventually, we decided we'd had enough lazing around and went inside to shower and cool off. We spent the late afternoon walking around a bit, first down to the lighthouse...

...then over to Duval Street...

...then back to our hotel grounds. Since we're leaving Key West tomorrow morning (SAD!), we wanted to be sure to take photos of the hotel property. I'll share those in my hotel review post, coming up next week sometime.

By this time, it was HOT, so we went inside to cool off in some much-appreciated air conditioning.

Before heading out for our sunset cruise, we went down to the pool bar to have a few drinks during happy hour.

I was even able to score a virgin pina colada. Yesss!

View from our table during happy hour. Still plenty of people out at the pool!

Soon, it was time to walk alllll the way down Duval Street one last time to catch our sunset cruise. In Key West, it's pretty usual to see people walking down the street with beers, so Michael took a bottle from our room for the walk down to the boat. As we were just starting to make our way down Duval, a woman with her husband stopped us and sounding kind of desperate, said, "Excuse me, but where did you get that cold beer?" We said, "Back in our hotel room!" Poor lady. She looked like she reallllly wanted a beer. :)

For the sunset cruise, we again went with Fury, for a trip called "Commotion on the Ocean." The trip features appetizers (vegetables, fruit, meatballs, chicken wings, cheese), drinks, and live music. We set sail right around the time the sun was getting low in the sky.

When we were taking this belly pic (we were kind of obsessed with them while we were on vacation, haha!), the couple next to us noticed and asked if it's our first child. We said yes, and the guy proceeded to tell us that his son just got married and that he and his wife were currently trying. That always cracks me up, when people share with strangers that they are "trying." Anyway, this guy was really excited about the prospect of being a grandfather, so I guess it was pretty cute.

Meanwhile, a blonde guy walked past us, and ready-to-be-a-grandfather guy tried to convince us that it was Owen Wilson. From the very beginning, I was pretty damn sure that it wasn't him, and when I got a closer look at him a little later, I was 100% sure there was no way the blonde guy was Owen Wilson. Still, we kept running into ready-to-be-a-grandfather guy on the boat throughout the night and he kept making comments about how he was sure it was Owen Wilson. Allllllrighty then.

The band was pretty entertaining. They played a good variety of music.

We passed the time by walking around different areas of the boat and taking photos.

Because of the clouds in the sky, we soon realized that we wouldn't be able to see the setting sun touch the water like we did the other night at Mallory Square. Bummer.

While it certainly wasn't the same because of the clouds, it was still pretty. BUT, little did we know that a little while later, we would be treated to something pretty spectacular...

Now, come on... how gorgeous is THAT?

Soon, the sun was all but gone and the boat began to make its way back to the dock. It sure took its time, though... they give everyone time to party! At this point, it really turned into a booze cruise, and honestly, it was just not fun for me. It seemed as if every single person on the boat was drinking except for me, and frankly, it was not the kind of environment that is fun to be in when sober. Still, I tried to enjoy the boat ride and the beautiful evening.

We did eventually make it back to the dock and everyone disembarked. Since we hadn't really had any dinner, we decided that instead of eating late, we would get some sweet treats to hold us over until breakfast. I got an ice cream, and for Michael...

...we stopped at Blonde Giraffe and got him a slice of key lime pie.

Because it was our last night in Key West, it was only right that we ended it the same way we ended every night... in our hammock, staring up at the sky, listening to the ocean, and taking in the soft breeze off the water.

If I've said it before, I'll say it again... PERFECTION.


Noel May 5, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

That's wonderful! I live in Oregon, and my fiance and I road tripped through California for spring break. It was weird how close yet far away the REALLY NICE weather was! I love seeing those palm trees, and the pretty water.

elizabethashleyphoto May 5, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

Wow, that is quite an amazing sunset and beautiful photos! I'm having so much fun reading your vacation recaps; they are some of my favorites! Looks like a spectacular vacation!

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