Adios, Mexico

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We all got to bed pretty late after the wedding, and we woke up to our last morning in Playa. As usual, we got dressed and went to Indigo Beach Club for breakfast. It was funny being out on that beach, knowing that just the night before, we had been there celebrating Kelly and Murray's wedding.

Nora enjoyed her fresh fruit in her "throne" high chair again...

We realized that we had not yet dipped Nora's toes into the water, so we decided to take her out to the shore after we ate.

She was NOT loving it. We will have to try again. Note to self: Book another beach vacation for next year. :)
Back at the condo, we all showered and packed up while Nora took a good nap.
Our driver came to pick us up at 11:00 a.m., and we were off to the airport. It was very busy, which we weren't expecting--we were really glad we had given ourselves plenty of time. (You know, unlike when we were in Vegas. Ugh.)

Thankfully, Nora slept for most of the flight from Cancun to Baltimore. AND we didn't have any further poop incidents. We got through immigration and customs without incident, and we were all STARVING so we sat down for some dinner during our layover. Despite it being late (again!), Nora was a happy girl. We took this pic of her at the gate:

Stinkin' adorable, right? And that's her little Mexican-made dress that I bargained for during shopping in Playa. She can wear it as a dress now (obviously), and I hope that she'll be able to wear it as a top next year.

On our flight from Baltimore to home, we were sitting at the gate when a flight attendant announced that they would be holding a little contest. They said that the first passenger to guess correctly the combined age of all three flight attendants would get a free upgrade to business class. Michael and I joked around about it, but didn't take it too seriously. We were seated at the back of the plane and figured we had little chance of guessing correctly. Well, she got all the way back to us, and I suddenly blurted out "91!" as she got to us. She smiled and called back to her colleagues, "I got one!" WE WON! Michael, Nora, and I got to move up to roomy business class and left my mom and grandma behind in coach. :) I gotta admit, it was pretty cushy up there, but we still would never pay for that upgrade.

We ended our trip with a little bit of luck! Now, it's back to reality. If only we could get lucky with the sale of our home, too...


basebell6 July 11, 2011 at 10:13 PM  

cutest dress EVER!! and is nora seriously the happiest baby ever to walk the planet?! i love how she is always so smiley even when most babies would have lost their cool.

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