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Saturday, July 2, 2011

We walked over to Kelly and Murray's hotel to meet up with them and all of the wedding guests before walking down to the beach club for the ceremony and reception. We were supposed to take family photos out at their pool area, but because their hotel was adults only, we had to wait in the lobby with Nora! It seemed like a bit of an extreme rule (seriously? we couldn't go in for five minutes to take pics?) but they held fast and wouldn't let us in. Plans were changed to take all family photos on the beach, so we sat in the lobby and waited until Kelly and Murray were ready. Soon enough, we caught sight of them walking out. BEAUTIFUL!

Kelly and our grandma

They hired this little rickshaw-type driver to take Kelly and her maid of honor to the beach club. The driver was cute because he decorated the whole thing with white balloons and gold ribbon. Before they left, Murray got in with Kelly for some photos.

^That one is one of my favorites!

After the pics, Kelly kicked Murray out so that her maid of honor could get in. HA!
Eventually, the driver took off with the girls in tow and then Murray led all of us down through the streets to the beach club.

While we waited for the ceremony to start, we took a few pics with Nora on the beach.
I *LOVE* this one of Nora with her daddy. *LOVE*
We grabbed prime seating, and then it all began...
My uncle walking Kelly down the aisle

Nora was a little cranky and doing her grunt/whine thing, so Michael had to take her to go stand a little bit away from everyone else so that she wouldn't be disruptive.

I think this is when she asked if anyone had any objections, and everyone laughed. Kelly and Murray looked out at everyone, just to make sure. :)
Exchanging vows.
Murray attempted to put the rings on Kelly, but was having a little trouble... Kelly took them and shoved them on herself. Everyone laughed, including them.
Then they did this part of the ceremony where they each took a white rose and went together to throw them into the ocean. Something about it symbolizing the joining of their lives, and a gift to Mother Nature.

I loved this. It was like Murray couldn't resist giving her a kiss!


basebell6 July 9, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

those are SUCH GREAT PICTURES! you should be a wedding photographer!!!

Pamela July 28, 2011 at 2:58 PM  

Aww so cute. Reminds me of my wedding 4 weeks ago in Punta Cana, DR. I wish I could go back. Great pictures and her dress....STUNNING!

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