Mexican Wedding Day

Saturday, July 2, 2011

After such a busy day yesterday, we "slept in" and took our time getting out of bed this morning. When Nora got up, I brought her into bed with us and nursed her. Then, she looked so cute lying there with Michael that I had to snap a few pics:

I love her grabbing her feet. So cute.

Once we were all up, we walked over to have breakfast at the beach again. Michael snapped these pics of Nora:

Once she was through gobbling down some fruit, she got a little antsy, so Michael took a little walk with her on the beach while my mom, grandma, and I finished breakfast.
And then he took these pics of Nora on the beach:

Look at her checking out the people doing yoga. Awesome.

From breakfast, we took our time walking back to our condo, snapping a few pics along the way.
This is the outside of our condo hotel.

Nora was ready for a nap, so we put her down, then Michael offered to stay at the condo with her while us girls went out to do a little shopping on 5th Avenue. I mostly just wandered around while my mom and grandma looked for things, but I took some photos as we browsed. Everything was so colorful.

We did end up buying Nora a Mexican-made embroidered dress with smocking and ties at the shoulders. SO STINKIN' CUTE. I actually bargained for it, because the guy was trying to rip us off. We had seen them in a number of shops for 160-180 pesos, and this guy tried to charge us 380 pesos! (Equivalent to like $35!)

Me: "Cuanto cuesta?"
Him: "380 pesos."
Me: "Oh, lo siento. Nevermind."
Him: "How much do you want to pay?"
Me: "Well, I've seen them in shops down the street for 180 pesos."
Him: "OK. How about 200?"
Me: "No thanks. I'll go back to the other store. They're the same dresses."
Him: "Not as good quality."
Me: "Well, they look the same to me."
Him: "Tomato, tomah-to." (No shit. He said that. My mom and I laughed.)
Me: "180."
Him: "OK."

Done deal. I was proud of myself, as I'm not one to be too much of a negotiator. :)

We ended up being out shopping longer than I originally anticipated, so I was worried that Michael was probably bored silly back at the condo. My mom was ready to be done shopping, too, so we headed back while my grandma stayed out to walk around a little longer.

To our surprise, as we walked into the condo, Michael met us at the door. I apologized for being gone so long and he said, "She just got up 15 minutes ago!" Nora had taken an AMAZING nap.

We were all ready to get out and swim, so we got into our suits to go out to the pool. Michael and Nora were ready before I was, so they went out before me. I ended up taking a few pics of them from our balcony, which turned out cute.
My mom and I went down shortly after, and we all relaxed and cooled off in the pool for a while.

Nora eventually got bored with the pool, so we gave her a few "toys" (most of which were objects we found in the condo) and let her play on the pool deck.
Later, Nora was ready for another nap (I guess the heat and sun were really sapping the energy out of her!), so I offered to stay behind and read my book while my mom, grandma, and Michael went to the beach to walk around for a bit. These are pics Michael took while they were out:

This guy was cracking a coconut out on the beach.

While they were out, they ran into Joe and Ava, two of Kelly and Murray's friends that we got to know a little bit. They decided to sit down to have a drink with them, and got this cute pic:
Soon, they came back to the condo and it was time for all of us to get ready for the WEDDING! :)


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