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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've been tagged by Lynsey over at Foster Following.

The rules of this little photo game:
Open the folder with all of your photos.
Open your 6th photo folder.
Take your 6th photo in that folder and blog it.
Write something about it.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

This photo is from August 2004. This isn't the greatest photo of the bunch (there were much more exciting ones!), but I had to follow the rules. I guess I was taking pics of the stadium to document the complete view from our seats, because when this pic was taken, the players were at the other end of the field!

Anyway, I had purchased preseason Bills tickets for super cheap on ebay, and Michael and I went out and enjoyed the game (vs. the Denver Broncos) on a warm summer night. It's good we did stuff like this then, because I can't even imagine doing it now. This was almost five years ago, and I still had hope that the Bills would pull themselves out of a funk.

Four crappy seasons later, and I am no longer convinced. There's very little chance in hell that I would ever make the effort to go see one of their preseason games again. We didn't even go to a regular season game this past year, which says a lot (we ALWAYS go to at least one game a season). I'm tired of them losing! Faithful fan, yes. But I still admit that they SUCK.

My husband has informed me that free agency starts at midnight tonight, so maybe we'll actually acquire some players WHO CAN PLAY (that's apparently too much to ask?).

The Bills also released two of their terrible starters today. Here's hoping for CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. (It worked for Obama. Can't it work for the Bills, too?)

For my six people to tag, I'm going to pick six random followers. Here we go...
1. Katy at Follow Me to I Do
2. Sarah at Life as an Alex
3. Sassy Mrs.
4. Silly Monkey at Random Ramblings
5. Vanessa at Pen, Paper and Cake
6. Gia at A Life in Progress

(That just took me wayyy longer than it should have because of Blogger's genius redesign of the whole "followers" gadget. Blogger, for the record? I hate you right now.)

I'm off to rest my aching bod. My kickboxing instructor gave us a hardcore asskicking tonight. It was ridiculous. Thank god it is almost the weekend!


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