Friday, February 27, 2009

I am so ridiculously excited for this weekend.

Tomorrow, I am driving the two hours to Bethany's house for a little girls' night/reunion with five of "the girls" from college. The six of us have not been all together since September, when we gathered the night before Bethany's baby shower. So it has been way too long!

We don't ever do anything when we get together, yet I thoroughly enjoy myself every single time. We'll simply sit around a table full of food, and talk, eat, and guzzle sip wine. Quality girls' time, I'm telling you. Oh, and there might be a certain little someone that is contributing to my excitement about this trip... a certain baby girl that I can't wait to see!

(One of the most recent group pics I have, and it's from July 2007 when we were all at Megan's wedding! Must remedy the group pic situation tomorrow. Anyway, only person missing from this picture is Megan!)

I so love my girls. I mean, let's be honest: nothing really compares to the four years spent in college. If I was going to go back and relive a period of my life, it would most certainly be college. :) So many memories...

*Saturday afternoons spent watching Lifetime movies
*Sneaking into bars while still underage
*Decorating our bathroom in our dorm suite
*Insane amounts of drinking
*Dressing up as a regiment of "Army girls" for Halloween
*Throwing crazy parties at our house
*Walking over to the dining halls in one huge pack
*Finding a random guy passed out in our front yard
*Dealing with our landlord and his battleax wife
*Did I mention the insane amounts of drinking?

SO MUCH FUN. All of which is guaranteed to be relived through our conversations tomorrow.

I am so ridiculously excited for this weekend.

(There's Megan!)


Vanessa March 1, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

Thanks for tagging me and enjoy girl time Heather! I love it too - there's nothing like spending time with the girls and I'm totally with you: if I could relive any period again it would definitely be college. It was just the best time ever! Enjoy!

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