Boys' Weekend

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We had the pleasure of seeing all three nephews this weekend! GAH I am just in complete love with these boys.

First, my brother came over for a bit on Friday night, and brought little Hunter to visit. We had him on the floor so he could show off his new "pushing up" skills, so I took a few quick snaps of him.

IMG_3519rs by you.
He is becoming so vocal and smiley. He "talks" to us and it doesn't take much to get a grin out of him. I just love his expressions.
IMG_3525rs by you.
IMG_3526rs by you.
IMG_3527rs by you.
Love, love, LOVE this little guy.
IMG_3533rs by you.IMG_3559rs by you.
We worked a bit more on socializing Tessa with him, but MAN is she a pain in the ass. We, of course, supervise her VERY closely, but I trust that she wouldn't hurt him. It's just that she won't leave him alone, either. She wants to be all up on him, in his face, kissing him, sniffing him, etc. She acts like he's some new, never-before-seen thing, like she doesn't even know what he is. It'd be funny if it weren't so much work. Should be fun to bring home a baby when we have one some day. (NOT.)

On Saturday morning, we got up and drove down to Michael's sister's house to visit with the other two nephews. Talk about a great age... Brendan is SO.MUCH.FUN. right now. He's also exhausting, but hey, we're the ones that get to leave at the end of the day. That's the best part of being the aunt and uncle, right? :) He's using a lot of complete sentences now, talking up a storm. He repeats everything you say (totally dangerous!), and just has a funny little personality. He's hilariously awesome. And ALL boy.
IMG_3594rs by you.
Melissa took him into the other room to get his Halloween costume on to model for the rest of us. Next thing we knew, he came FLYING around the corner into the dining room and yelled, "HEY GUYS!!" and immediately wiped out by slipping on the hardwood floor. I laughed, but half expected him to get up screaming. Nope, he laughed hysterically at himself. LOVE THIS KID.
IMG_3607rs by you.IMG_3624rs by you.
Michael's grandfather sent us with some little firefighter hats to give to the boys, and Brendan kept handing them out to everybody to wear. (In fact, he's at the point where he wants to share everything, which is really sweet. But I can't tell you how many times we heard him say "Here you go!" "Here you go!" all day. HA!) Even little Logan was not off the hook. And Michael was a good sport (of course).
IMG_3637rs by you.
Lo-lo's smile melts my heart.
IMG_3646rs by you.
Brendan is great at posing for pictures. And my goodness, how cute is he? I mean, seriously. But he also wants to see himself immediately on the camera's preview screen afterward. ("Me see? Me see!")

What's also really cute is that he's starting to use our names. He's known our names for a while, but would only use them if prompted. (While pointing, asking "Brendan, who is this?" would get you the correct answer.) But now he randomly comes up to you and addresses you by name. It's adorable. For an example... Michael was holding him shortly before we left, and he was playing with Michael's hair. I don't know why, but he does this a lot. He had his hands on Michael's head and all of a sudden he said, "Nice hair, Michael!" Honestly, I can't stand the cuteness.
IMG_3651rs by you.
One more cute one of Logan...

Unfortunately, we won't see Brendan and Logan again until Thanksgiving. But I'm sure it'll be here before we know it!


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