Melissa's 30th Birthday

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wednesday was my sister-in-law's 30th birthday. Today, we took the 2-2.5 hour ride down to their house to celebrate. And see Brendan. Duh.

Unexpectedly As usual, most of our pictures were of Brendan. Even though it was Melissa's birthday. Whoops. Although I'm sure she didn't mind. :)

We took soooo many pictures today. Here are a few (OK, well, more than a few... but I couldn't resist!) of them. He is so cute! And he is now walking around like quite the pro. He definitely did a lot of falling on his butt, but he always got right back up again.

Oh, great. You guys are back again. And you brought that camera. Just great.

I'm a pumpkin!

Cracking up

With Uncle Michael

Could I be any more cute?

Nom nom nom

He was giving Michael this little giggle, like "Hehe, this is fun and all, but uhh... please don't drop me. Hehe"

OK, what can I get into next?

Ah, I know. The wine.
Is anyone in here?

I need some privacy. Pardon me while I shut the door on you.

Nevermind, I want to PLAY!

OK, enough of you. Let me have that camera.

No, seriously. Give it to me.

I mean it.

No more pictures, please!! (Trying to fend off the paparazzi.)

OK, back to the bedroom. (He was being all stealth and peeking in.)

Playing with drawer handles is fun.

Uh oh. Mommy is coming.

Family Christmas card photo shoot. (The winning pic, I think.)

A non-Brendan photo (amazing, I know). Melissa and me.

**giggle, giggle**
**giggle, giggle**
OK, no, really... I... just... can't... take it!! **giggle**

Riding my fire engine. Mommy's birthday is fun!

All in all, a great day with Michael's family. Can't wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving!

Back home, Tessa is still doing the same. Her lymph nodes have not gone down at all. It has been 5 days (out of 14) on the antibiotics. Still very worried about our little girl. And still hoping that this is not something serious. She is still acting completely normal except for the enlarged lymph nodes in her neck. Keep her in your thoughts, if you can!


Chelsey November 3, 2008 at 12:21 PM  

Ah, what a cutie! Your picture captions are hilarious!

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