Logan's Baptism

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today we drove down for Logan's baptism. It's so hard to believe our newest little nephew is 7 weeks old already! This was only our second opportunity to see him, so we enjoyed every minute. Both Brendan and Logan are growing so quickly.

Of course, I brought my camera and snapped as many photos as possible. I wanted to share a few of my favorites...

A sweet moment with mommy right before the baptism began.

Logan was so good. He didn't seem to mind the water at all.

Their little family. Love it.

With my husband's family.

Cute shot of Brendan with Uncle Michael. Brendan absolutely looooved him today.

In fact, he even gave him kisses. (Seriously, how cute is this?)

Logan has already started smiling! There is nothing more precious than those toothless grins.

Uncle Michael with baby Logan.

Aunt Heather had to have a turn, too.

Godmother/Aunt Cristina with the baby. Adorable.

Brendan was running around with a bunch of his cousins outside. It's so funny because he is so big, yet still so little. He loves to play.

It felt like as soon as we drove down there, we had to turn around and come back. Thankfully, we will be seeing them all again in a few weeks, when they make a trip up here to visit in early May.

Speaking of nephews... only a few more weeks until we welcome another one! I am so, so excited.


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