Coach Jaur-Gone

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I haven't talked about the Buffalo Bills much this season. Truth is, there hasn't been all that much to talk about. Nothing positive, anyway.

Until today.

We received word this afternoon that our head coach, Dick Jauron, has been fired.

This brings me great joy. In fact, excuse me while I go and do a happy dance.


*AHEM* Sorry. I'm back now.

You see, this is great news. I don't pretend that this will fix the season. But the Bills need a fresh start, and it's about damn time they get rid of Jauron. Most Bills fans were calling for this to happen WEEKS ago.

And now I don't ever have to see him and his "stone face" ever again.
This is what he looks like. ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. This is his only facial expression.

Trent Edwards throws an interception that is returned for a touchdown?


The Bills score a touchdown to win the game?

STONE FACE. Except in this situation, he might mix it up by throwing in a slow clap instead of the crossed arms.

I hate it. I want to see emotion. I want to see passion. I want to see excitement. I want to see ANGER.

When the offense earns nine false start penalties in a single game? I want to see someone throwing shit on the sidelines. I want to see a headset being ripped off and thrown on the ground. I want to read lips that might say something along the lines of, "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Because at home, these are the things even the fans are all doing.

When a player repeatedly makes mistakes that significantly contribute to the team losing games? I want a coach who will grab that player's face mask and scream in his face. There needs to be fear.

Or something.

So we'll see what happens. I wish our owner would fork over the money to bring in someone good, but it's looking like our defensive coordinator, Perry Fewell, is likely to get promoted to the position. And if that's the case, well, let's see what he can do. The defense is probably the best element of our team. Sure, they often allow big plays in the fourth quarter that end up losing us games. But that's because they're exhausted from being on the field so damn much. (Since our offense blows.)

The Bills have a long way to go until they'll ever be good again.

But this feels like a step in the right direction. Finally.


frenchy368 November 18, 2009 at 11:34 PM  

Heather - rumor has it (aka the news tonight) that we're looking at Mike Shanahan! :) That could be good....AND Ralph Wilson doesn't have to pay his whole salary because Denver has to pay some. Something about it being in his contract with Denver.

Lisa December 1, 2009 at 1:41 PM  

Yes, Shanahan would be a great move for the Bills. Here's hoping. I love Shanahan.

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