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Saturday, November 7, 2009

When we found out my dad would be visiting this weekend, we pretty much cleared our schedules. We wanted to make sure to take advantage of the short time he's here.

This afternoon, the whole family hit up a local museum. My dad is a big history buff, so we figured it was a good, wholesome family activity. (And also a nice way to cross off #82 on my 101 in 1001 list, woohoo!)

Even though all but one of us are adults, I have to admit that we had the most fun with the interactive stuff. Makes sense, right?

Although he's small, Hunter enjoyed a lot of it, too.

IMG_4091rs by heatherdrive.
IMG_4115rs by heatherdrive.
IMG_4138rs by heatherdrive.
After getting booted from the museum since it was closing, we all went to Champs to hang out, watch football, drink beer, and eat food (admittedly not as wholesome an activity as the museum, but did I say we're wholesome? I don't think so). I didn't take any pictures there, but I do want to share a few others from last night's dinner at our house.

And before you ask... no. It's not possible for me to point my camera lens at anyone but the baby. I'm sorry; I just can't help myself.
IMG_4021rs by heatherdrive.
IMG_4033rs by heatherdrive.IMG_4039rs by heatherdrive.
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