Our Anniversary, Part Deux

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yeah, so I know our anniversary was almost two months ago already. But the thing is, we were out of town for our anniversary (which was wonderful), and we've been so busy since we got back that this is the first chance we've really had to celebrate here at home.

Normally, a second celebration wouldn't be necessary, but see... we had FREE CAKE to take advantage of.

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When we met with our baker prior to the wedding, she basically insisted that we not freeze the top tier of our cake, instead saying that she would make us a new, fresh cake for our anniversary instead--for no additional cost. We thought that sounded awesome, so of course we filed that information in the back of our heads for future reference. And our wedding cake was SO GOOD, there was no way we were going to miss out on the opportunity for our free cake.

We just never imagined it would be such a challenge to find time to order and then eat it. But hey, we finally did. Yesterday, we went and picked up our cake, chilled a bottle of champagne, and had a small little celebration. We used our toasting flutes, our engraved cake serving set, and fed each other a bite of cake. Awwwww.

We did, in fact, have a little bit of actual wedding cake left over in our freezer as well. Our reception venue apparently didn't get the memo about our free anniversary cake, so they did what they normally do and saved the top tier for us at the end of the night. While we were on our honeymoon, my mom ended up slicing it up for easier storage before freezing it, and we've had a few bites here and there throughout the year. We hadn't touched it in probably six months, though.

Tonight, we decided to take a few bites of our real cake, just for good measure (then we finally threw the rest away). Surprisingly, it really didn't taste bad at all. But the fresh cake was much, MUCH better. :)

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Happy Anniversary to us! (Again.)


Vanessa August 11, 2009 at 6:11 AM  

So cute! Happy 1 year and 2 months! xxx

Moya,  August 11, 2009 at 11:32 AM  

Congratulations and I wish you guys many more happy anniversaries to come:) I'm looking forward to my first wedding anniversary on christmas eve!

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