Sunshine Day

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We woke up early to a gorgeous, gorgeous day. It was perfection.

We all went out to breakfast at a little diner in town, then returned to the farm to enjoy ourselves. Several of us wandered down to the pond again, with the dogs in tow.

IMG_0139rs by you.
Tyler attempted (again) to get Miller to swim, but really only succeeded in getting him to stand in the water--but it's a start.

IMG_0141rs by you.
The water was smooth and sparkly all day long. So beautiful.

IMG_0143rs by you.
Tessa reveled in some more off-leash time.

IMG_0152rs by you.
Back up at the house, Hunter engaged in some "conversation" with the ladies on the porch.

We all gathered back up at the house and started out on a hike.

IMG_0162rs by you.
First down the dirt road...

IMG_0163rs by you.
(The dogs were in Heaven)

IMG_4082rs by you.
...then into the woods...

IMG_0167rs by you.

IMG_0169rs by you.
...and eventually back to one of our favorite spots by a beaver dam.

IMG_0174rs by you.
An hour or so later, we had returned to the house, and decided to take our traditional group photo. We usually take it on the last day before we leave, but Nina had to leave a day early, plus we didn't want to chance getting rained out like last year. Gotta take advantage of the good weather while you can!

IMG_4085rs by you.
We cooled off in the shade of the porch for a while. Michael captured this cute shot of Miller lying on the porch. What's funny is that if you look closely in the background, you can see Tessa looking at the camera, too. :)

IMG_0180rs by you.
My brothers headed down to the pond for some fishing...

IMG_4091rs by you.
...while Michael took Tess out in the paddle boat. Later in the day, my mom and I took her out, too. She was so good, just sitting in between us. She loved it!

IMG_0184rs by you.
I told Kara to relax and I put the baby back in the front pack for a bit. He sucked down a bottle in the gazebo, then had some bonding time with grandma.

After a long afternoon in the sun, we retreated to the house to get cleaned up for dinner and, once again, hang out on the porch with some wine and beers.

IMG_0196rs by you.
Hunter chilled in his bouncy seat.

We ate a bit dinner of burgers, hot dogs, beans, and salad. Then, we couldn't resist going back down to the pond. The boys fished while several of us savored the beautiful evening from inside of the screened-in gazebo (BUG FREE, it's genius).

IMG_0201rs by you.
Tessa cuddled with my mom...

IMG_0216rs by you.
...while Michael spent some more time in the kayak.

IMG_0223rs by you.
With a beer, of course. ;)

It was an awesome, awesome day. Exactly what we were hoping for with this trip to the Poconos.


Krystie August 4, 2009 at 7:43 PM  

looks so nice and relaxing! Hunter is getting to be so big, and of course cute!

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