Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last weekend, Michael's sister and the boys came up to visit us. We spent the afternoon running around the backyard with them, and laughing at their latest tricks.

A few pics of the growing boys:

For the record, Brendan now says that we're having a boy, and that his name is going to be Larry. (Last time we saw him, he told us we're having a girl and her name is Lily.) So much for children's intuition. :) He is getting so big and smart these days. We went out for ice cream, and as we were sitting there eating, he turns to us and says, "So, where is your house, Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather?" It was so hilarious coming out of a little guy, and that was actually the first time I'd ever heard him use our names together like that.

Logan is getting big, too, but he is so much more quiet and easy-going than Brendan. He was, therefore, way easier to capture on camera this time around, which is why there are so many more photos of him than Brendan. Brendan is GO-GO-GO the entire time he's here. Little guy was exhausted by the time they were loading into the car to go home.

It'll be interesting when there are THREE cousins running around at every visit! :)


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