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Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's face it: There is really nothing better than a "homemade" meal that you don't have to actually make. Especially on weeknights, after a long day at work.

This post is a tribute to the people at The Ravioli Shop, who essentially are responsible for making my dinner when I don't feel like it.

These geniuses have opened a shop that sells--well, you guessed it--ravioli. Fresh ravioli, made daily, with many different fillings. Sausage, four cheese, shrimp, lobster, feta, asparagus, etc. Our favorites are pumpkin, roasted vegetable, and roasted red pepper.

The shop is charming and small. When you walk in, you're always greeted, and the worker usually asks whether you've been there before. If not, they give you a little "tour" of the different products and even make recommendations.

There are refrigerated ravioli if you're planning to cook it up that night, and there are frozen ones if you're planning to store it for later.

Once you finally make your ravioli decision (it's difficult sometimes!), you also have the opportunity to pick up sauce, if you so choose. They also stock a small supply of organic mixed greens, as well as a few kinds of freshly baked bread (including semolina bread, which is awesome).

Once home, all that has to be done is to boil a pot of water. Throw in the ravioli, and in 8 to 11 minutes (depending on whether the ravioli is frozen), you have a perfectly cooked meal.

With our pumpkin ravioli, all we ever do is toss it in a little bit of olive oil. With the roasted vegetable and roasted red pepper varieties, we usually top them with a little bit of tomato sauce.

But no matter what the sauce, one thing is always a necessity: Parmesan cheese.

So, so good. It's hot, it's tasty, and it's easy. All thanks to The Ravioli Shop. And you know what? It's popular.

And so I figure... There is only one thing to ask.

Why didn't I think of this??


Laura January 24, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

i am very jealous that you have a ravioli shop! it's very difficult to find ravioli in the south. most people don't know what it is!

Blablover5 January 24, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

Ooh very nice.

Sometimes I wish we had someone that would make perogies as well. It's something my parents got me on when I was little but no one in this state has a clue what they are.

melslatt January 24, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

Looks great, so great I gave you an award. You can go to http://chi-towncookincreations.blogspot.com/ to pick it up!

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