Born to Chill

Friday, July 23, 2010

Earlier this week, my mom sent me this photo we took of Hunter on her BlackBerry while we were in the Poconos. I had completely forgotten about it and I almost died from the cuteness, all over again. See what I mean?

Look at him kicking back with his bottle, with his feet crossed, and gripping onto his favorite toy fork. We did not pose him, this is the way he was lying on his own. Apparently he lies with his feet crossed like that all of the time. And I JUST CANNOT HANDLE THE LEVEL OF CUTE.

Please God, let our child be HALF this "chill." Hunter's such an easy-going kid, and I'm terrified that statistically, Michael and I will end up with the terror of the family.

And with that, I wish you nice, relaxing weekends of your own. Kick back with your bottles beer/margaritas/wine/drink of choice, put your feet up, and unwind. :)

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