Boring Week

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wow, this week has been rather boring. I haven't done anything.

I've been extremely exhausted all week, so I've barely had enough energy to get through work and then get my ass home and parked on the couch.

Monday night? Jeez, I'm even having a hard time remembering Monday night.

Oh yeahhh. Frozen pizza and then up late to complete our Fantasy Football draft (which is what set the week off on a bad foot in terms of sleep and tiredness).

Tuesday night? Well, this was the one night I was actually a little productive. I made chocolate chip cookies to bring over for a neighbor who just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. And of course, sampled one of them. You know those things weren't getting out the door completely unscathed. I also brought in a couple for my coworkers on Wednesday morning. These coworkers in my new office space? They love me and my baked goods. Everyone downstairs is always on a diet so no one appreciated when I brought in stuff, so I never did. Therefore, I never made anything because I couldn't leave that stuff lying around the house! Up here? They eat. Boy, do they eat! I love it.

Last night? Seriously... nothing.

Tonight? Nothing planned, but I don't think I can sit around and do nothing again. Too boring. Must do something. I just have to figure out what that is.

We also have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. I think we have to fix that and make some plans to do something. I can't handle all of this nothingness!


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