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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last night marked the beginning of the season for fantasy football.

We had our draft.

It's always been a big night in our house. In years past, we've gone out, picked up some food, come back to the house and sat down to sign into Yahoo to begin the process. Me on a laptop, Michael on the desktop, both picking our teams. Last year, we even had our friend Justin over with his laptop, and three of us sat there, frantically doing internet research, and racing the clock to make our picks.

This year? Not so much. Our draft didn't start until 9:30 p.m.! Ugh, so late.

Michael and I ate a frozen pizza that's been hanging out in our freezer for four months. We bought it for when I had a bunch of my college friends back to our house to spend the night after my bridal shower back in April. We had purchased two pizzas, and we only ended up having one the night of the shower. Michael and I so rarely actually indulge that we didn't get around to eating it until now. Pathetic!

Then we took the dog for a walk (we've had beautiful weather lately!) and waited around for a few hours for the draft to start.

I came in first place in our league last year. That's right, I won the championship in a league full of guys. Michael's friends? They just loooove getting their asses kicked by me. There is actually one guy in the league that I am seriously rivals with. I know, it's sad. It's fantasy football. But I love me some football.

In the draft, I had pick #3. L.T. and Adrian Peterson were taken #1 and #2. I ended up going with Brian Westbrook.

I think my team is pretty solid. Toward the end, I had to draft some scrubs (no one left and we have to draft so many players!), but my starting line-up is--at the very least--good on paper.

We'll see how things go. I can't wait for the first matchup on September 7!


Hailey August 21, 2008 at 4:10 PM  

My hubby needs to hurry up and get our league going again. I have never been a football fan and I still know very little about the sport, but he asked me to be in his league last year and I agreed so we could have another activity to do together.
He showed me the basics of it all and I put my own team together without his help and maintained my team all season.
I ended up rising above the other 6
members of our team to WIN!! I was SO HAPPY! I felt so proud of myself!
I still don't know that much about football and all the rules and terms and stuff, but now I enjoy just being a part of things and trying to learn. And I like kicking ass in Fantasy Football!

erica August 22, 2008 at 5:27 PM  

brian westbrook will do you well! had him last year and he got me at least 25 points in nearly every game. i'm hoping to get him back this year myself...good luck! power to all the women who beat the men in FF! :)

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